Write for us!

If you research the history of the Irish diaspora, at any stage of academic career, please get in touch. We are very keen to have a range of experiences represented on the website – both research subject and researcher!

We would love to hear from you about:

  • Blog posts of up to 1000 words exploring Irish diasporic communities, methodological issues, or new ideas.
    • If you have an idea for a themed series to spark conversations, particularly if you want to write in response to a recent article, please get in touch.
  • Reviews of archives – with the research that we carry out, researchers often have a limited amount of time to access archives abroad, therefore if you want to raise awareness, or give tips to other researchers who might be heading to archives, this could be vital information.
  • Reviews of conferences – Irish diaspora history is based around the world, and with the nature of the academy today, it is often difficult to attend relevant conferences. Therefore we would be grateful for reviews of any conferences that you attend which relate to Irish diaspora history (even if it is just a panel).

To submit a post, or to discuss an opportunity, please get in touch with the editor (Sophie Cooper) on irishdiasporahistory@gmail.com

  • If you are referencing, please use endnotes.
  • Please include an image (with permissions and caption) if possible.

As a large part of this project is bringing scholars of diaspora histories together, please also include a biography of up to 100 words. If you have a website and/or twitter handle that you would like to link to, include that. Also, we would like to include email addresses – it’s often difficult to track down scholars easily, especially younger scholars when we’re moving institutions a lot – if you’re alright with your email address being included, please let us know when you send the above in.

Similarly, if you have opportunities that you would like to promote, please tag #Irishdiaspora or email us so that we can highlight them!


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