Conferences, symposia, seminars, and workshops are all integral elements of our research – they are where ideas are thrown out and shaped by conversations. However, Irish diaspora history is often carried out within the confines of national boundaries, and attendance at conferences can be constrained by a multitude of reasons. We are often forced to wait until articles and books are published until new sources and methodologies can be discussed…and that can take years. Therefore, we are keen to bring together conference reviews from across the world in order to highlight the work that is being done at this critical stage.

Have a look at the ones that have been submitted so far!

Conference reviews are ideally up to 800 words long and give an impression of the key themes and questions raised, either within the strand that you attend, or across a whole symposium. They provide jumping off points for discussions and for collaboration.

As we are keen to bring scholars together from around the world, across discipline and focus, and also to be inclusive as possible, conference reviews shed light on what research is being carried out and which questions are being asked. Live tweeting is excellent, but not everyone tweets and it’s sometimes really useful to have a summary that you can then follow up on. If you would like to write a conference review (of a conference that you’re attending or organising), please let us know!

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