Recent Scholarship, 2020-2015

We are constantly adding to this list of recent scholarship. Please get in touch if you have a book or article coming out – we would love to note it here or highlight it through a short blog post.



  • Salis, Loredana (ed.), ‘Special issue of Studi Irlandesi: Whose Homelands? Fictions, Facts and Questions of the Irish Diaspora’, Studi Irlandesi, 9. 
    • Alderson, Aedan, ‘Decolonizing the Irish: The International Resistance and Entrenchment of the Global Irish Diaspora’, 369-386.
    • Buchanan, Jason Matthew, ‘Like a Scattering from a Fixed Point: Austerity Fiction and the Inequalities of Elsewhere’, 179-201.
    • Callan, Patrick, “This cemetery is a treacherous place’: The appropriation of political, cultural and class ownership of Glasnevin Cemetery, 1832 to 1909′, 251-270.
    • Charczun, Anna, ‘Lesbian Migrant Writing: From Lesbian Nation to Queer Diaspora’, 91-112.
    • de Petris, Carla, ‘Lost (and Found) in Translation. Women and Emigration in two poems by Eavan Boland, translated into Italian, with an Italian envoi’, 317-327.
    • Kearney, Celine & Martin Andrew, ‘Southern Celts: Voices from Aotearoa New Zealand’, 347-367.
    • Kenny, Kevin, ‘Two Diasporic Moments in Irish Emigration History: The Famine Generation and the Contemporary Era’, 43-65.
    • Levy, Heather, ‘Star of the Sea: Resistance and Adapted Homelands’, 137-160.
    • Lyons, Emer, ‘Coming Home: Lesbian Poetics and Homelessness’, 229-250.
    • Lyons, Fiona, ‘Irish Diaspora, Cultural Activism and Print Media in Transatlantic Contexts between Ireland and North America c. 1857-1887’, 113-135.
    • Maguire, Andrew, ‘Irish Diaspora Politics: The West Riding of Yorkshire, 1879-1886’, 205-228.
    • McCarthy, Kay, ‘…a lone a last a loved a long the river run… A Brief Nonacademic Reflection on Riverdance a Seemingly Never-Ending Success Story of Diasporic Cultural Cross-Fertilisation’, 303-313.
    • Membrive, Véronica, “Exiles at home, neither in exile nor at home’: New Insights in Pearse Hutchinson’s Image of Spanish Regionalism in the 1950s-1970s’, 67-90.
    • O’Keeffe-Vigneron, Gráinne, ‘The Irish in France: Assessing Changes in the Profile of Irish Emigrants over the last 30 years’, 387-413.
    • Salis, Loredana, ‘Whose Homelands? Facts, Fictions and Questions of the Irish Diaspora. Introduction’, 29-40.
    • Smyth, Gerry, ‘Displacing the Nation: Performance, Style and Sex in Eimear McBridge’s The Lesser Bohemians‘, 161-178.
    • Tormey, Thomas, ‘Scotland’s Easter Rising Veterans and the Irish Revolution’, 271-302.
    • White, Timothy J. & Emily M. Pausa, ‘When did the Irish-American Diaspora Make a Difference? Influence US Diplomacy toward Northern Ireland’, 329-346.
  • Sweeney, Loughlin, Irish Military Elites, Nation and Empire, 1870-1925 (Palgrave).
  • The Irish Revolution 1919-21: A Global History’, special issue of History Ireland.





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