Irish Writers in transnational radical networks and circles of solidarity in Thirties London

life was one long continuum of agitpropLeslie Daiken Premier House, located at 150 Southampton Row near Russell Square, London, is sandwiched between Il Fornello, an Italian restaurant of the old school, and a branch of Pizza Hut. It retains its original nineteenth-century architectural facade. There have been some modern doors added but glancing up from... Continue Reading →

Mayo’s Thomas Larkin: One of the early telephone pioneers of America.

Michael Larkin provides a glimpse into his book 'Making the Right Connections' which explores the life of Thomas Larkin. Larkin was one of many Irish migrants who made their way to the United States at the end of the nineteenth century. There he worked for the Bell Telephone Company and became one of the Telephone Pioneers of America, before returning to Ireland in the 1930s.

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